Victoria Hotel is near the Triangular da Areia Preta Garden, is a new hotel which has the international three-star plane. After the Barrer Gate, you only need to walk about 5 minutes. Our hotel is near the shopping center, and the traffic is very expediently. It is the dream tenement for travel and commercial.
Our hotel has 132 courtly grand guest rooms; each room has the basal facility. For instance: the television, component stereo, fridge and the air conditioner. Our staffs will provide the best service that you will very please for. And we have a progressive fire control system to protect your safety.
The Victoria restaurant is in the first floor of Victoria Hotel, which has 300 seats. Our chef affords Kwangtung cate that is good for corporate hospitality and parties.
We also have the parking garage and security.
Address: Estrada do Arco, no.118, Macau
The garden near Victoria Hotel The facade of Victoria Hotel


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